Excitement in the suburbs is buying a second pizza cutter.

Pizza Cutters“We really ought to buy a second pizza cutter.” Yes, those were the words that my wife had just uttered (and I admittedly had thought many times) that made us realize just how “exciting” life in the suburbs can be. I had just heated up another delicious frozen pizza in the oven, opened the drawer and realized that the pizza cutter was dirty. What was I to do? How was I ever going to slice this pizza? Use a knife, fish the pizza cutter out of the dishwasher that had I just turned on, throw the whole pizza on the table and tear into it like savage beasts? Well, it turned out that the pizza cutter was clean after all, but was just buried at the bottom of the drawer. Whew! Crisis averted and it was at that moment that my wife uttered, “we really ought to buy a second pizza cutter.” I jokingly (sort of) said that we could make a day out of it and take a big trip to Target to purchase a new pizza cutter. That’s when we realized just how “exciting” the suburbs really are. In the period of just a few brief moments I had gone from a frantic state over how I was ever going to cut this pizza, to the exuberance of finding that the pizza cutter was actually clean after all, to saying that we should think about taking a trip to Target to buy a new one. Yes, “excitement” like this can only happen in the suburbs.