Excitement in the suburbs is waffle fries

Waffle FriesFrench fries, curly fries, seasoned fries,  and even the absurdly named freedom fries for those French-hating “patriots” that live amongst us.  What do all of these various types of fries have in common?  That’s right…they’re all awesome! and delicious!!

I mean, who doesn’t love one of these glorious fried strips of potato?

But whether you prefer your fries traditional, slinky-like, French hating, or even covered in chili and cheese there is no debating that there is one fry that rises above all of the rest. And that is of course… the waffle fry.

These mysteriously cut fries are not only a taste sensation, but I dare say a marvel of architecture and aerodynamics. Just think about it.  A single waffle fry is a series of lines, arches, arcs reminiscent of the great roman aqueducts. And if put in  a wind tunnel I would venture to guess that the wind would float across the long lines of the waffle fry much like a fine hand-crafted Italian sports car.

And then there is the taste. While I’ve met very few fries that I didn’t like, I’ve never found a waffle fry that I didn’t like. And I’ve come to the realization that there is a very simple explanation for this. The waffle fry IS the fine hand-crafted Italian sports car, while the regular fry is a nice trusty Honda.  Sure, the trusty Honda is great and will never let you down, but the fine hand-crafted Italian sports car will make you drool just at the very thought of it.

So next time you’re passing through you’re friendly suburban drive thru and you are given the option of regular or waffle fries the choice is obvious.  But don’t let the “excitement” take over too much on the drive home, because while your Honda might be trusty, it’s definitely not hand-crafted or Italian.